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Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
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Research and development activities
Areas of research of Department of Engineering Graphics and Industrial Design and scientific-university laboratory of 3D-modeling
Areas of research of Department of Integrated Computer Control Systems
Automatic control theory
Computer simulation of oil and gas field design and management processes
Design and manufacturing of unsupported engine mockups
Designing corporate information systems based on computer networks and telecommunications
Development and implementation of MES «Main line – East»
Developing methods and algorithms of computational intelligence for image and video recognition
Development of software and algorithm support for providing high-speed tomography
Development of theoretical foundations and software for a family of smart geographic information systems for production management in industrial enterprises
Dynamics and durability of machines, tools and equipment
Geographically distributed integrated systems of monitoring, alerting and control
Geophysical data processing (seismic data processing software, methods, and algorithms)
Hardware and software tools and techniques for retrieving and interpreting data of measuring parameters of technological processes and natural features
High-speed diamond burnishing of shaped pieces
Improving the processes of burnishing precise holes of small diameter
Information support for knowledge-intensive product life cycle
Mathematical modeling of physical processes in charged particle beams and electromagnetic radiation plasma
Modifying working surfaces of tools and machine parts by ion implantation
Multifunctional instrumentation and digital signal processing
Neural network technologies in information processing
Optimization of cutting tool path for machining curved surfaces with CNC machines
Research and development of advanced cutting tool designs
Research and development of automated equipment and technologies of various purposes
Research and development of information systems based on ontologic models and semantic technologies
Research and development of modular tools with replaceable multifaceted inserts
Restoration of precision couplings by diamond burnishing
Simulation modeling of functioning logics of complex engineering systems
Systems analysis and business process reengineering
Technical aesthetics and design
Telecommunication monitoring and control systems for the unmanned underwater vehicles
Tribotechnical tests of structural materials and lubricating media
Vibrating devices, vibration diagnostics, and vibration protection of production equipment elements