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Step 2 – Choose courses
This step goes alongside with the Step 3. In the application form you will be offered to compile a list of courses you want to attend in TPU (register for courses, so to say).

Before applying you need to choose courses from the Course Catalogue.

Note that:

  • Course registration can only be fulfilled once, so please be very careful when going through course registration procedure,
  • If you’re going to stay at TPU for one academic year (two semesters), you need to register for courses for the first semester only. Course registration for the second semester will be opened later (TPU coordinator will contact you on that matter),
  • If you want to have an internship in addition or after your exchange semester, please mention it in the Additional Comments in the end of Application form. Otherwise we won’t be able to organize an internship for you during the semester.
  • You must choose courses at TPU in accordance with your field of study at home university,
  • For Russian language learners: if your field of study is Russian language/literature then you should choose courses from the linguistic profile (лингвистический профиль). Other students should choose courses from the technical profile (технический профиль).
  • For students of linguistic field of study: you must choose courses in accordance with your Russian language level (0, A1, A2, B1, B2). If Linguist students have an initial level less then В1, they should choose an appropriate course of Russian General Skills + suitable courses according to the level (for example, “стилистика А1-А2”, “лингвострановедение А1-А2”).
    In case if you have a level В1-В2, you can’t take Russian General Skills. We strongly recommend you to choose more detailed professional courses, such as лексика/грамматика, письмо+ риторику, литературу, стилистику В1-В2 etc.

    You can’t choose courses from different levels (for example, “Phraseology” of A1-A2 level and “History of Russian literature of the XIX-XX cent.” of B1-B2 at the same time)!
  • Your curriculum at TPU must not exceed 30 ECTS points/semester.
  • Possibility to add courses (in case they are open) to your curriculum will be subject to the availability of places in the group.