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Grading System at TPU
The academic year at TPU is divided into two semesters, each ending with the exam session. International program at TPU is based on the module system. The University offers several modules, each including a number of courses in English. Students are asked to choose courses within one module (courses from other modules can also be added up to the curriculum, but the major part should be chosen from a particular module).

A number of credits per course may vary from 1 to 6 ECTS (the whole number of ECTS points per one semester cannot exceed 30 credits). As these courses are relatively compact students are not allowed to miss more that 1 class without any viable excuse, otherwise they are automatically excluded and receive no ECTS.

Grading Scale
At the end of studies every student receives a Transcript of Records – a paper with final grades and number of ECTS indicated there. The marks in the Transcript are given in accordance with the Russian grade rating system (from 2 to 5, where 5 is a maximum grade) and the number of percentage equivalent to each grade:

Local grades at TPU (traditional) Local grades at TPU (descriptively) Local grades at TPU (lettered) Percent of required knowledge for this grade Converted to ECTS grades
5 Excellent A 90 – 100% A
4 Good B 80 – 89% B
C 70 – 79% C
3 Satisfactory D 65 – 69% D
E 55 - 64% E
-- Passed P 55-100% P
2 Failed F 0-54% F


5 “Excellent” – Excellent comprehension of the subject, all-round knowledge and skills.

4 “Good” – Quite full comprehension of the subject, good knowledge and skills.

3 “Satisfactory” – Acceptable comprehension of the subject, satisfactory knowledge and skills.

2 “Failed” – Unacceptable bad knowledge.

“Passed” – a special intermediary form of the control of students’ knowledge usually held at the end of the semester provided the course lasts for several semesters. Also applied to non-credit courses or electives beyond the curriculum.