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TU Munchen, Germany, Spring semester 2016
Robert Stierle
«Doing my exchange at Tomsk Polytechnic University was the best decision. From the beginning on I was supported by the international office of TPU with everything (visa, accommodation, etc.). The dormitory and University were better than I expected. I really enjoyed the Siberian winter and went ice skating almost every day.

Finding friends was pretty easy since BBC (Buddy Building Club) was organizing a lot of events for the exchange students. The Russian people I met were really friendly and warm hearted. And when they found out I was from Germany, they were really open and interested. Russians are so hospitable and they welcomed me in their homes with open arms. I could learn a lot and this experience shaped me.

The only challenge was the language. I had little knowledge when I arrived in Tomsk. But the 3 weeks winter school helped a lot and I was taught in everyday life. After all I could always find a way to make people understand me. After my exchange I went once more to Tomsk for a language course and it was definitely not the last time in Tomsk.»

Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, Tajikistan, Fall semester 2015
Nurullo Ismoilov
«Totally, it was great unforgettable experience. Being in TPU touched me so much that I want to go there and want to continue my studying process there. Thanks a lot.»

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, Academic Year 2014-2015
Ryszard Marek
«I went to Tomsk for an exchange and it was just unforgettable experience. I had chosen Tomsk because it is a small student city in Siberia with a good technical university - TPU. Since Tomsk lies in the middle of Russia it is very convenient to travel to east or west.
”Wherever you are surround yourself with people who make you happy”. This is a saying which reminds me about Tomsk the most. I enjoyed my stay so much mainly because of very helpful and nice people at TPU, Buddy Building Club which makes a special atmosphere between all foreigners and locals that you feel they are a part of your family and also random Russians who are very interested in your life.
I am really grateful I went there for a year.
I wish everyone to have such a great time as I had there. »

Wroclaw University, Poland, Spring semester 2011
Katarzyna Maziuk
«It was a great time at TPU and everything was organized much better than I expected. At the beginning of the semester there was some chaos with schedules only, but it was quite funny  I was suprised by the amount of students on the classes in English. Of course it is normal considering amount of Eurepean students and wide offer of classes to take that is really great and impressing.

The classes of Russian language five times per week were absolutely great! But generally I was positively suprised by the organization and dealing with all formalities, and I would like to say that you have really nice and helpfull personel in each office I was visiting!»

TU Darmstadt, Germany, Spring semester 2011
Katrin Israel
«У меня была задании с руссками студентами очень хорошо, преподавателия были квалифицированные, услужливые и я изучала много. Для меня была самое лучше, жить в семье и случать задании с руссками студентами. Мне очень нравилась и я с грустью думаю о скором выезде. Спосиба за возможностью стать семестр в ТПУ!»

Весна 2011
«I talked to a friend who studied half a year in Spain, and she told me about her problems, having no real coordination…Now I really understand that it is not everywhere like in Tomsk, and that I was very happy to have such a good IO! Thank you all, you did a great job!»
Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France, Spring semester 2011
Badr El Bakkay
«So interesting experience. In 3 month of studies, I met so many people, Russian and foreigners, and it was great to spend time with them. Teachers also are great. International office is so professional».

Universita degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale", Italy, Spring semester 2010
Federica Scinocca
«There was such a great experience last year! It was so exiting and useful in a lot of ways : from the study point to the social point . Life in Tomsk changed my life in better because now I understand better the difficulties that foreign students have in Italy for example and I am further more tolerant and patient but still live in me the joy of making new friends and do new things!»

Zilin University, China, Spring semester 2010
Meng Yang
«Для меня получить образование в Томске- это незабываемый опыт в моей жизни. Здесь меня встречала неожиданная жизнь и учеба».