Получите опыт обучения за рубежом! Получите опыт обучения за рубежом! Получите опыт обучения за рубежом!
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Step 11 – Final steps. Saying goodbye!
Before your departure you should submit to the TPU International office the following documents:

Examination record list

Why do you need it: to collect your marks from your professors during examination session. It should be filled in and presented at every exam. TPU coordinator will use the list to process an Academic Transcript.
Where to get it: your coordinator’s office before your first exam
Where to hand it in: your coordinator’s office after your last exam
Please, mind that all the lines in the form (like “Hours”, “ECTS credits”, “Grades”, etc.) must be filled in carefully!
Courses in English must be fulfilled in English, courses in Russian – in Russian.

Departure checklist

Why do you need it: to confirm that you are done with everything (studies, exams, dormitory payments, etc.)
Where to get it: Registration office
Where to hand it in: Registration office 1-2 days before your departure

Questionnaire form

Why do you need it: to give us a feedback on the program so we can improve it for future exchange students
Where to get it: download here
Where to hand it in: send to your coordinator by email

After the abovementioned documents are submitted, your Academic Transcript will be forwarded to your home university coordinator and your exchange program will be successfully closed ;)

Please don’t forget to contact your TPU coordinator when you come home to inform that you’re safe and sound! :)