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Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
Institute of Cybernetics
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Education programs
Education program Degree Specialist area
Applied Mathematics and Informatics Bachelor
  1. Mathematical modeling of distributed systems
  2. Applied data mining
  3. Mathematical methods of engineering and economical problem solution
  1. Mathematical modeling
  2. Mathematical physics
Design Bachelor
  1. Industrial design
  1. Industrial design
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor
  1. High-performance processes of metal working
  2. Technology, equipment and automation in mechanical engineering
  3. Welding engineering
  1. Hi-Tech physics in mechanical engineering
  2. Workflow and production automation in mechanical engineering
  3. Welding engineering
Design-Engineering Supply for Mechanical Engineering Bachelor
  1. Design engineering supply for mechanical engineering
  1. Dynamics and acoustics of machine tool systems
Control in Computer Systems Bachelor
  1. Control and computer science in computer systems
  1. Control system theory
  2. Control in mechatronic systems
Workflow and Production Automation Bachelor
  1. Workflow and production automation
  1. Distributed control systems and workflow automation (in oil and gas industry)
Mechatronics and Robotics Bachelor
  1. Mechatronics
  1. Control in mechatronic systems
Standardization and Metrology Bachelor
  1. Standardization and metrology in instrument engineering
  1. Computer-aided measurement and control
Computer Science and Technology Bachelor
  1. Computers, computer systems and networks
  2. Computer-aided design systems
  3. Computer science and automated systems software
  4. Software development
  1. Computer networks and telecommunications
  2. Software engineering
  3. Distributed automated systems
  4. Computer analysis and data interpretation
  5. Microprocessor systems
  6. Control systems software development
Information Systems and Technologies Bachelor
  1. Information systems and technologies
  2. GIS systems
  1. GIS systems
Applied Informatics Bachelor
  1. Applied informatics (in economics)
  1. Enterprise management systems
Metal Art Technology Bachelor
  1. Metal Art Technology
  1. Up-to-date Materials and Technologies in Industrial Design