Получите опыт обучения за рубежом! Получите опыт обучения за рубежом! Получите опыт обучения за рубежом!
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Before Leaving Home

Pick-up service upon arrival in Tomsk

If you want to be picked-up you should inform TPU exchange coordinators in advance (not later than a week before your arrival in Tomsk) by filling in an arrival form and sending it by fax/e-mail.

If you arrive in Tomsk airport / train station (not other Russian city) then your pick-up service will be free, from the airport or railway station you will be transported to the dormitory. If you arrive in Novosibirsk you should pay for the pick-up service.

For more information contact the relevant coordinator at TPU.

Medical Requirements

Medical Insurance
An exchange student shall get medical insurance with one of the insuring companies at the place of residence or in Tomsk before the beginning of studies at TPU. The cost of medical insurance policy issued in Tomsk is approximately 70$/6 months. In order to get a medical insurance in Tomsk contact the relevant coordinator at TPU.

When applying for visa of the Russian Federation consult the Embassy (Consular Department) of the Russian Federation regarding the necessity of AIDS Test. For studying at TPU and accommodation in dormitory AIDS Test is not obligatory.

Certificates compulsory for dormitory accommodation
For accommodation in the dormitory the following certificates are obligatory:

  • Fluorography certificates: fluorography examination may be taken once a half-year. In case you have taken fluorography check in your home country less than 6 month before arrival, you should bring your certificate with you. Otherwise you will take fluorography check when you arrive in Tomsk (the cost is 70 rubles).
  • Health certificate: this certificate is issued only upon arrival in Tomsk (the cost is 40 rubles).