Щитова Ольга Григорьевна
Доктор филологических наук

Отделение русского языка, Профессор

Тел.: 8 (3822) 60-64-78
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Advanced training Awards Advanced training • Megaproject “Development of Education in Russia (General Education)” (Department of Education, Tomsk Oblast Administration, Regional Centre for Education Development, Centre of Innovative Education, 2003). • Doctoral training at Tomsk State University (2004 – 2008). • Rhetoric competence as a factor of a higher school graduate competitiveness growth (TSU, 2006). • Methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language (TPU, 2009) • National testing system of the Russian language as a tool for accomplishment of the state language policy. Theory and practice of linguodidactic testing. Technologies of compiling and applying tests for certification control and intensification of the academic process (The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, 2013) Awards • Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (2002), • Award Pin from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Honorary Worker of Higher and Professional Education” (2009). • Certificate of Merit from the Department of Education of Tomsk Oblast Administration (2001), • Golden medal of TSPU “For good service in educational sphere” (2006), • Certificate of Merit from Tomsk Oblast Administration (2010). • Certificate of Merit from Rector of TPU for conscientious work and substantial contribution to the language training in TPU, and in view of the 20th anniversary of the Department of Russian language and literature (2012).
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