Андреев Владимир Игоревич
Доктор педагогических наук

Отделение физической культуры, Профессор
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Research interests: biomechanical laws that determine the effectiveness of the techniques of attack in unsupported position in team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball) - The role of conditions to the athlete position on the court. Key findings: It was found that with increasing distance of the throw and beats unsupported position the velocity of parts of the body increases in 2 - 3 times, reduced run-time components of the movement. This fundamental qualitative differences in the kinematics performance of throws and kicks from various distances available. Qualitative differences in amplitude, duration and phase characteristic oscillations electromyographic muscles agonists and antagonists in the performance of throws and kicks from various distances. When the throws and strikes near and medium distances, the muscle-flexors and extensors of the hand work synchronously as antagonists, which allows to characterize the movement as accuracy, and from a distance - increases the activity of the flexor amid falling extensor activity, indicating that the power-speed nature movement. At the same time the ability to extend the final phase of movement on the shot (hitting) from long distances contributes to their accuracy and efficiency. Participation in conferences: All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Problems and prospects of development of Russian sports science." Moscow, 2008. IV International Congress "People, Sport and Health". St. Petersburg, 2009. V International Congress "People, Sport and Health" St. Petersburg, 2011. VII All-Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation, dedicated to the memory VS Pirusskogo "Physical culture, health and education", Tomsk, 2013 International Scientific Symposium of students and young scientists "Society and the continuous well-being", Tomsk, 2014 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference "Modern problems in systemic regulation of physiological functions", Moscow, 2015 All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Physical culture and sport at the present stage: problems, searches, solutions", 2015.
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