Томский политехнический университет

International Academic Summer School on Well-being «UniverCiTerra» - 2015

Tomsk Polytechnic University

July, 19 - August, 8 2015



Every student can take an academic scholarship, which covers some costs.


  • Grant of 50 000 rubles for students from countries in Europe, America and Asia;
  • Grant of 30 000 rubles for students of the CIS and Baltic States.

Upon arrival at the TPU the student signs an education contract and after he is enrolled to program of the Academic Summer School. Within three working days, student gets a bank card with scholarship.

Tomsk Polytechnic University provides to students a reservation services for the hotel-type dormitory. Each room has a private bathroom, a telephone, a TV set, internet access, etc. More information...

Both double rooms and single room are available:

  • Double room: 290 rubles per person per day;
  • Single room: 320 rubles per day.

When student sends documents to the Academic Summer School, he must write about his intention to put up at a hotel-type dormitory (e-mail: uct2015tpu@gmail.com). The accommodation fees are paid by student from the scholarship.


Institute of Humanities, Social Sciences & Technologies

Belinskiy St., 55, TPU Research Library, Office 354, Tomsk, Russia

Tel.: +7 (3822) 56-45-15, 56-33-48
E-mail: uct2015tpu@gmail.com