05 декабря 2020 / Saturday / Неделя четная
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    Present Research     
My main research interests are in combining Inorganic and Polymer Chemistry with Biological Sciences. My research aims are to uncover the factors the govern the interactions between nano- and microcarriers based on polyelectrolyte capsules and biological objects. Several research projects are correctly performing:
1. Design of new drug delivery systems based on polyelectrolyte (PE) nano- and microcapsules;
2. Modification of PE nano- and microcapsules using sol-gel chemistry for effective in vitro and in vivo delivery of anti-cancer drugs and low-molecular weight compounds. We are interested on different internal and external stimuli as a tool for opening of capsules and provides drug release at desired place and time.
3. Exploration of the potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to impregnate magnetic microcapsules and their possible influence on cell function and ability to response to magnetic field. Understanding how magnetic capsules will influence on differentiation potential of MSCs and their migration ability.
4. Construction of hybrid capsules with new morphological features and biological character, e.g. biological recognition, for targeted delivery of genetic materials, including mRNAs encoding GFP, siRNA against influenza virus. We also concentrate on the incorporation of CRISPR/Cas 9 tools in hybrid capsules for development of new strategies in genome editing and cell reprogramming.
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