Тимин Александр Сергеевич
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Исследовательская школа химических и биомедицинских технологий, Ведущий научный сотрудник
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05 декабря 2020 / Saturday / Неделя четная
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    Awards for the last two years     
1. The grant of Russian Foundation of Basic Research for young scientists, № 16-33-00966, Project Title: organo-functionalized "core-shell" silica nanoparticles as effective carriers of anticancer drugs in targeted delivery systems. Status: project leader, Duration: 2016 - 2017 years.
2. The travel grant from Russian Foundation of Basic Research, № 16-33-50153, researcher. The name: Sol-gel synthesis of glutathione-sensitive biodegradable microcapsules for drug delivery to target cells. Status: project executor, Duration: 2016 – 2016. Host organization: Saratov State University
3. The grant of Russian Foundation of Basic Research, № 15-43-03214, Project Title: Self-assembling micelle purification and solubilization of membrane proteins, increased solubility, and the targeted delivery of drugs and hydrophobic type phosphors Bodipy. Status: project executor, Duration: 2015 - 2016 years.
4. The grant of Russian Foundation of Basic Research, № 16-03-01028, Project Title: Molecular design of phosphor sensors based Bodipy, highly sensitive to weak intermolecular interactions: the synthesis, the effects of solvation, development of molecular sensory liquid-phase systems. Status: project executor, Duration: 2016 - 2016 years.
5. Scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for studying abroad in the 2014/2015 (chosen organization: EPFL, Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology, Switzerland), number MK-401.2011.3
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