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19 января 2022 / Wednesday / Неделя нечетная
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Greetings, my great students!
I am more than happy to congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year! I do hope that it is going to be amazing, wonderful and incomparable year for you, my ingenious students. You inspire me to be a teacher! You make my life happy every new academic year! With love,N.A.
Расписание 2014-2015

Дисциплины, обеспечиваемые в текущем учебном году (количество часов лекций, практических лабораторных занятий в неделю) базовый английский язык.

    • 2 курс, ФТФ, 0680/0280-англ.язык 1 курс, ФТФ, 0491/0492-англ.язык 1 курс, АВТФ, 8В93-англ.язык 1 курс, АВТФ, 8591/8592-англ.язык
  • Congratulations on the beginning of the new academic year 2014-2015.
    Dear students! I congratulate you on the 1st of September and the beginning of the new academic year! I am very happy to see you all back again. I was beginning to miss you. Welcome back to your second home after the summer break. I hope you all had a very enjoyable and happy reunion with your families, loved ones and old friends. I am also full of hope and confidence that you are fully refreshed and energized to take on the new academic session. The start of the new academic year may have a critical role in your future activities. Of course, you may meet difficulties, but I do hope you will be inspired to do what you have to do to progress towards your goals! As students, you should enjoy learning, and never feel that it is a burden, compulsion or punishment. You need to know that I'm open for discussions and positive initiatives of any student. I am striving to be useful for you in realization of your ideas! Good luck, work hard and have fun too. I wish you all an enjoyable and successful stay here at Tomsk polytechnic University. With great pleasure I wish you an useful study and remarkable student life. With respect: Nadezda Kobzeva
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