International Scientific Symposium International Scientific Symposium Lifelong wellbeing in the world


IV International Scientific Symposium
Lifelong wellbeing in the world

September 11-15, 2017
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Tomsk Polytechnic University
Tomsk, Russia

The sustainable economic development is determined by creating conditions of human and society well-being. Problems of continuous prosperity in today's society have moved beyond the scope of a single scientific field and now refer to a series of actual topics expanding the scope of interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists and experts all over the world.

The aim of the symposium is to create a discussion platform for the international cooperation of specialists, experts and researchers in this field.

Specialized sessions:

Session 1. Loneliness and its overcoming in the context of well-beingenhancing

  • Loneliness as a social and economic phenomenon
  • Meeting social needs of the individual and loneliness
  • Subjective and objective experiences of loneliness
  • Typology of loneliness and the specific experiences of different social groups
  • Experiences of loneliness of older people in social service institutions
  • The problem of loneliness at the level of state social policy

Session 2. The perception and designing of the future

  • The vision of the future: formation, perception, transformation
  • Socio-psychological factors in personal dimension
  • Socio-cultural and historical aspects of the formation of the image of the future
  • Well-being of older people as a result of active socio-economic design
  • Socio-psychological models and research technologies of perception of the future
  • The impact of the environment on the perception of the future by older people

Session 3. Mobilization of human resources to increase prosperity

  • Expanding the involvement of society to ensure the well-being of the elderly
  • Creation and validation of tools for measuring perceptions of social interaction and the assessment of its potential, using technology to promote coordination
  • Adaptingcrowdsourcing algorithms to increase the intensity of virtual interaction, collecting stories of older people to strengthen the social relations between representatives of different generations
  • Ensuring high standards of social well-being and harmony
  • Educational environment as a factor of formation of a holistic perception of the future
  • Available health care as part of the system of social interactions

Session 4. Information and communication technology to enhance socialization and well-being of the individual

  • Information and referral resources and services that support decision-making in health care, educational programs and research
  • Development of project solutions aimed at monitoring the wellbeing of older people
  • Application development (and technologically supported project activities) that help to reduce the level of loneliness and promote positive perception of the future among older people as a key element of well-being
  • The use of modern information technologies in social institutionsactivities to manage the well-being
  • Monitoring of population health and well-being diagnostic
  • Conceptual approaches to managing the information sphere of society

The Symposium official language is English.