Industrial partner of the project - LLC "Elecard".

Work team of development engineers of the future of the enterprise was formed in 1979 under the wing of a special design bureau SDB "Optics" of the USSR. Applied research team led to the creation of the enterprise "Elecard" in 1988, at that time one of the first private companies in the city of Tomsk. At the time the company was engaged in the development and manufacture of equipment for video image digitization. In 1992, the South Korean delegation arrived Tomsk Academy of Sciences. It consists of representatives of the company were «DARIM Systems Co, Ltd.», dedicated to scientific developments in the field of industrial automation. work "Elecard" The results of the company made a deep impression on the Korean delegation, which was the opening of the «Darim Vision» Tomsk joint venture. As a result of further work was the emergence of a number of pioneering developments in the field of digital image processing. Today the equipment developed with the participation of "Elecard" employees used all over the world: the National Reserve Bank, headquarters of the United Nations, the Israeli government building, NASA Headquarters, the central office of IBM, New York Airport. Kennedy, Novorossiysk seaport, international airport, Amsterdam, Madrid Metro, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport, the Hermitage, on highways in South Koree, the company "Lukoil" office. Today is the Tomsk Russian center in the field of media studies, which employs a few dozen teams have one common history: almost all of them were created on the bases of units "Elecard" and are in the state of its former employees. Subsidiary company "Elecard" LLC was one of the first residents of the Tomsk Technical Innovation Zone. However, today the activity of LLC "Elecard" is not limited to multimedia development. The company is engaged in the creation of distributed automation systems to monitor and control a variety of industrial processes. The developed system is based on the use of monitoring and measuring equipment of a wide range, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, flow meters are liquid and gas, access control systems, electric and pneumatic actuators, cameras and more. Distributed software system control environment operating under software control, created by the staff of "Elecard", allows you to create technical solutions of any size, are able to control entire plants. For example, the company "Elecard" automated production process, organized a distributed system of access control and video surveillance at the winery JSC "Abrau-Durso", producing up to 14 million units annually. Experience "Elecard" LLC in the research, production and implementation of technical solutions makes it a competitive participant in the modern Russian market. The broad interests of the company make it open for a variety of forms of interaction with potential partners.

Subcontractor of the project - LLC "S-Technologies."

The main activity of the company is a software development and consulting in this field. Also, "S-Technology" works even in 6 directions.