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For students of 2 course: Оrganic Chemistry

For students of 3-4 courses: 1. Сhemistry of biologically active agents

2. Bases of food biotechnology


I. Сhemistry of biologically active agents

Credits 3

Lectures 24 hour. laboratory research 40 hour. Independent work 35 hours.

The purpose of a subject matter - development by students of theoretical fundamentals of chemistry of the biologically active agents, formation at students of professional ability in the field of allocation and the analysis of biologically active agents.

Subject of development of discipline are the following objects:

- biologically active agents, their properties, structure, functions;

- methods of allocation and analysis of biologically active agents.


II. Bases of food biotechnology

Credits 3

Lectures 12 hour. Practical training 12 hour. Independent work 80 hours.

Food biotechnology - the modern and perspective direction in the food industry using biotechnological processes for receiving foodstuff and various forms of food.

This discipline is based on the knowledge gained by students when studying such general education disciplines as "Fundamentals of microbiology", "Biochemistry", "Biotechnology" and others.

The purpose of studying of this discipline is acquisition by students of theoretical knowledge and formation of skills and abilities in the field of modern food biotechnology.



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