Тюрин Юрий Иванович
Доктор физико-математических наук

Отделение экспериментальной физики, Профессор

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Professor Yurij Ivanovich Tyurin was born on October 9, 1950. He graduated Physics and Mathematics Department of Tomsk State University on specialty “Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics” in Decembers 1973. • works in TPU since 1973, since 1991 – professor of department of the general physics of TPU • the dean of ENMF from 2002 to 2010 • now professor of department of the general physics of TPU In 1989, Yurij Tyurin presented doctoral thesis in the Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow. He has academic honors and is as a Honored worker of higher education of Russia, full member of the international academy of Sciences of the Higher school and in three Dissertation Supervisory Committees. The winner of an award of the governor of the Tomsk region in education and sciences (2002, 2010). Yurij I. Tyurin is a known expert in the physics of radiation and atomic interaction with matter, problems of technique and technology of radiation and atomic treatment of solid-state materials, low energy plasma deposition methods for surface modification. ). Prof. Yuri I. Tyurin is an author of more than 360 printed works including 7 monographs, 22 patents and invention certificates, textbooks, collection of tasks and laboratory practical exercises in physics recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for technical universities and the manuals in general physics, surface physics, chemical physics, nonequilibrium gas - solid systems. Areas of research activity: developed the original experimental methods for analysis of physical and chemical properties of solid surfaces, studied nonequilibrium gas - solid systems, discovered and gave a theoretical explanation of the electronic subsystem excitation of solids with free atoms of ultralow energies, hydrogen storage properties in metals and semiconductors, nonequilibrium yields of atomic hydrogen from solids under the influence of radiation. New scientific field, hemoelectronics of heterogeneous systems, was developed. Teaching activities related to the teaching of general physics and special courses, such as: "Hydrogen storage properties in solids", "Radiation-induced release of hydrogen from metals", "Modern problems of physics", and preparation of lectures on these subjects for technical universities. Manuals and textbooks on physics course and special courses for students of all forms of learning were prepared and published. Yurij I. Tyurin devotes a lot of time to young scientists, graduate students, PhD students. Six employees under his guidance presented their PhD dissertations, 2 – doctoral thesis. The scientific activity of prof. Tyurin has a significant impact on the development priorities of the Institute, which are related to the creation of new radiation and plasma technologies for processing materials
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