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Educational subject - Marketing and Management Fundamentals at the medical-technical companies. Short summary of subject. Speciality – 12.04.04 Biotechnical systems and technologies. Educational program specialization – Biomedical devices, systems and complexes. Ability – Master’s degree. Course – 1, term – 2. The aim of the course is to provide future specialists with basic volume of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of marketing activities of organizations of various legal organizational forms and areas of activity, including medical and technical profile (ICC). Learning material served as the basis for the formation of marketing approaches in the organization of enterprises in selected markets of goods and services. Students get the knowledge and skills of a comprehensive assessment of the market situation, as well as recommendations how to use them in a growing Russian economy. The basic principles and forms of marketing activity in modern conditions, and specific methods, sources and marketing tools in general consider. The attention is paid to the main directions and forms of the international marketing activity and questions of management that is the modern control system of firm, enterprise operating in conditions of the market which assumes creation of conditions for their effective functioning and development of production and commercial operations. We consider the principles of the organization of management. Activity of the modern manager. Elements of the quality system of medical services. As a result of the development of the discipline "Fundamentals of marketing and management in the medical-technical profile of the enterprises", students should know: a) methods of market forecasting and market pricing; b) principles of production management and information support; methods of development, acceptance and control of execution of administrative decisions. c) to put into practice the basic methods of personnel management and the rational organization of labor, motivation, adaptation and professional business career at the company.