Сапрыкин Александр Александрович
Кандидат технических наук

Юргинский технологический институт (филиал) ТПУ, Доцент

Вн. телефон: 6751
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Short autobiography:

After leaving school 2000 I entered the Tomsk polytechnical university, I received qualification – the mechanical engineer. After the termination of university I worked for JSC Yurginsky Engineering Plant as the design engineer in laboratory of the non-standard equipment of the technological center. I was the winner of conference of young specialists of JSC Yurginsky Engineering Plant (2001 and 2002) twice. In 2001 it was recognized as the best young specialist of JSC Yurginsky Engineering Plant. Since 2002 to the present works as the teacher.

Experience of pedagogical work – 13 years, scientific work – 15 years. Directs research work of students of YuTI TPU and preparation them to the university and regional Olympic Games and competitions. Since 2005 Saprykin A. A. it is enlisted in the correspondence postgraduate study. I defended the master's thesis in 2006 on two scientific specialties: 05.03.01 – Technologies and the equipment of mechanical and physics and technology processing both 05.16.01 – Metallurgical science and heat treatment of metals. Since 2008 "The metallurgy of ferrous metals" during the scientific activity works as the head of the department took active part in scientific and practical conferences of young scientists of various rank, became the author and the coauthor of 64 publications and 4 patents, prepared 38 methodical instructions and 5 manuals. It is awarded by letters of thanks, certificates of honor, and medals from administration of YuTI TPU, Yurga and the Kemerovo region. In 2007 I became the winner of the All-Russian competition "ENGINEER of YEAR" according to the Engineering Art of the Young version in the nomination "Laser Technologies".
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