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Teaching disciplines
Modern computer technology
Modern computer technology -- is a generalized name of the technology responsible for the storage, transmission, processing, protection and reproduction of information using computers. It is impossible to imagine modern production, science, culture, sports and economy, which would not have used computers. Computers help a person to work, entertainment, education and research. Computer technology -- a cutting edge science of the XXI century.
Simulation and statistical modeling
Simulation and statistical modeling -- method to build models that describe the processes as they would have passed in reality. Such a model can "play" in time for a test, and given their set. In this case the results will be determined by the random nature of the process. These data can be obtained fairly stable statistics. Simulation -- a method of research, in which the system under study is replaced by a model with sufficient accuracy describes the real system with which experiments are conducted to obtain information about this system. Experimentation with the model called imitation (imitation - a comprehension of the essence of the phenomenon without resorting to experiments on the real object).
Programming languages and methods
Programming languages and methods -- the purpose of the development of the discipline "Programming languages and methods" to form a basic understanding, knowledge and skills of students on the basics of object-oriented programming for programming in object-oriented programming language C++, and prepare students to use knowledge of programming in the following disciplines, training in the magistracy, and after graduation in a professional activity.
Computer science
Computer science -- the science of the methods and processes of collecting, storing, processing, transmission, analysis and evaluation of information using computer technology, enabling its use for decision-making. Informatics includes disciplines related to the processing of information in computers and computer networks: as abstract, such as analysis of algorithms, and specific, such as the development of programming languages and communication protocols.
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