Столярова Ольга Олеговна
Кандидат технических наук

Отделение электроэнергетики и электротехники, Доцент

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Stolyarova Olga Olegovna

Scientific work

Nowadays proper attention is given to energy saving in Russia as in the whole world, but this process is faced with a lot of difficulties. The basis of energy saving is a variable speed drive with induction motors. A variable speed drive consists of two parts: converter and induction motor. We may take a standard converter, manufactured in Russia or abroad, but there are no induction motors for effective energy saving assurance in Russia nowadays. It follows from this fact that there is a great demand for large quantities of induction motors and it is best to manufacture them in Russia. Our electrotechnical industry is able to cope with the task. The area of my research interests is energy saving and resource economies of induction motors at design, manufacturing and operation. The author’s research is aimed at induction motor improving for a variable speed drive which provides effective energy saving. Each country has an interest in effective energy saving. My scientific probation will allow to carry out joint scientific work for improving the induction motor - the main converter of electrical energy into mechanical one.

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