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Отделение русского языка, Профессор

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2002. «Russian as a foreign language", PFUR .

2004. Center of New Information Technologies in Education Humanities. Faculty of Philology. Moscow State University.

2007. Department of Mathematical Linguistics of the Philological Faculty. Saint-Petersburg State University.

2007. Department of Foreign Languages Jilin University, China.

2007. Seminar "Challenges of Humanitarian vocational education in the context of a modern industrial policy in Russia». Tomsk State University.

2010. «Design and implementation of basic educational programs of the university during the transition to a system of federal state educational standards of the third generation». Tomsk State University.

2010. Seminar «Modern discourse analysis: linguistic and literary approach». Tomsk State University.

2010. Seminar «Sociocultural processes and their reflection in a language». Tomsk State University.

2011. «Cognitive linguistics», Columbia University in the city of New York, Harriman Institute.

2012. «Theoretical and applied problems of modern linguistics». Kemerovo State University.

2013. Seminar «Indexing of scientific journals or teacher needs to know when choosing a place of publication». Tomsk State University.

2013. Seminar «Actual problems of teaching the Russian language and literature in a foreign audience: the experience of European universities». Tomsk State University.

2013. «Using the E-Prime in creation and implementation of a scientific experiment». Tomsk State University.

2013. Seminar «Introduction to Social Anthropology». Tomsk State University.

2013. «Development of linguistic competence of the teacher as a condition for the implementation of GEF and the development of the international activities of the university». Tomsk State University.

2013. «Distance learning system Moodle in the educational process of the department». Tomsk State University.

2014. Seminar «Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: current research». Tomsk State University.

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