Ковин Роман Владимирович
Кандидат технических наук

Отделение информационных технологий, Доцент

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Supervisor and co-author of the work

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation Nikolai G. Markov..

Research areas

  • Geographic information systems and technologies.
  • Corporate information systems.

Key findings

  • A multi-step method of recovery on the original two-dimensional geofields point data.
  • The method of cross-sections of floating and implements its algorithm, designed to restore geofields on isoline data and differ from the known use of a one-dimensional spline interpolation to restore the function of two variables.
  • The algorithm of the search the nearest contour, using a multi-layer spatial indexing and matching algorithm processing point data using spatial indexing.
  • A adaptive nearest point search algorithm in the problem of reconstructing the two-dimensional geofields on point data.
  • The principles of remote access to corporate systems in offline mode on mobile platforms.

Scientific research work of students

  • Development of GIS applications based on universal GIS.
  • The development of internet-on-GIS.
  • Using a web mapping services to create raster maps.
  • The implementation of the algorithm generating isosurfaces.
  • Methods for conversion of isoline representation of the relief in the form of regularly using the spatial indexing.
  • Automated conversion of projects from one GIS to another.
  • Visualization of three-dimensional multi-parameter data.
  • Search for optimal path for the digital terrain model.
  • Automate download of maps in the corporate GIS.
  • System of preparation and publication of cadastral map of the municipality
  • The task of gluing overlapping images into a panorama.
  • Working with the "Leaflet" map library.

Scientific research work undergraduates

  • The development of cross-platform mobile framework for integration with corporate information systems.
  • Full-text search in enterprise production management systems.
  • Graphic software for technological mimic.
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