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Academic disciplines Russian as a foreign language ANNOTATION

Russian Language

Purpose: the formation of language and speech competence by means of using teaching materials for practical, everyday dialogues and communicative situations; using the text of different stylistic context which let a foreign student satisfy his communicative needs and expectations in everyday situations as well as in social and cultural spheres of communication


Phonetics: Russian alphabet, stress and rhythmical patterns, the main pronunciation rules, intonation patterns of Russian Language I-IV.

Morphology: the Noun, the Adjective, the Pronoun, the Verb, the Numeral, the Adverb, the Particles, the Prepositins, the Case System of the Nouns,the Adjectives and the Pronouns in Singular and Plural, the System of Verb Tenses, general concept of the Aspect verb.

Vocabulary: on everyday topics and situations, as well as social and cultural spheres of communication (over 3000).

Syntaxes: general information about the Sentence Structure and the Parts of the Sentence, Syntaxes of the simple and complex sentences.

Language skills practice: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

1 Year (1 semester – examination, II semester – examination)

Total hours 1360 including 744, hours of practice.

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