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Кандидат химических наук

Отделение ядерно-топливного цикла, Доцент

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Chemistry of Rare, Rare-earth, and Radioactive Elements

Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis

Special Chemistry

Chemistry of Rare Elements

Chemistry of Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium

Chemical Technology of Nuclear Fuel

Chemical technology of nuclear fuel
In this course, students study the properties and methods of obtaining the most important uranium compounds.
In the second part of the course, students get acquainted with the theoretical fundamentals
and instrumental design of separate stages of uranium technology as a nuclear fuel.
Laboratory course on "Сhemistry of U, Th and Pu "
Laboratory course on "Methods of analytical control in the production of modern energy materials"
In the theoretical part of course, the following topics are studied: basics of the process control organization; approbation of the materials;
metrological processing of the analysis data; optical methods for analysis of rare elements (including spectrophotometry, nephelometry, turbidimetry,
luminance analysis, emission spectral analysis and atomic absorption analysis); electrochemical analysis methods (potentiometry, voltammetry,
coulometry and electrolytic methods). Laboratory courses include classes on molecular and atomic spectroscopy as well as the mentioned electrochemical methods.
Laboratory course on "Radiochemistry"
The purpose of the discipline - the study of the fundamental basics of radiochemistry and their application in the nuclear industry, in research,
for technology for the processing of natural uranium and spent nuclear fuel for the control of nuclear reactors, etc.
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