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You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (А, В or C).
1 You hear a man talking to some people. What is the purpose of his talk? A To show people how to work faster В То welcome new employees С То convince people to join his company 2 You hear two people talking in an office. What happened to the man? A He was on holiday. В Не has been working from home. С Не had an accident. 3 You are listening to a weather report on the radio. What will the weather be like tomorrow? A Rainy all over the country В Dry but very cold in the south С Mostly sunny with occasional rain 4 You hear a man talking on the radio. How does he feel? A puzzled В angry С sad 5 You hear a man and a woman talking. Where are they? A In a library В In a bookshop С In a computer shop 6 You are at a lecture. When is it taking place? A During the fourth week of the course В During the first week of the course С During the last week of the course 7 You hear this announcement on the radio. What is happening on the Мб? A No traffic is allowed on it. В Traffic is heavily congested. С There have been several accidents. 8 You hear this conversation between a man and a woman. Why has the man gone to see the woman? A To ask for advice about his career В То tell her about his wife's problem С То get help with a health problem

Now listen and, for questions 1-10, complete the sentences with one to three words.

Today’s _1_ is extremely competitive.

If possible, visit the _2_ before your interview.

Finding out about the company will boost your _3_

Use your _4_ to prepareyour questions and answers.

It’s helpful to _5_ the things you want to ask.

Being late for an interview gives a _6_

Remember that _7_ may be delayed.

On entering the building, be _8_ to everybody.

Candidates usually _9_ at the end of the interview.

Don’t ask the interviewer questions about his /her _10_

from "Upstream, Student's Book"

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