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Modernization of large – scale facility IRT-T reactor is conducting by funding of government as stayed by agreement №075-15-2019-1633 dated 13.11.2019 г.

The first stage:

The list of results presents below:

  1. Project development of modernization of large – scale facility IRT-T to the level of megascience facility
  2. Project development of new installations placement in specialized area of IRT-T reactor
  3. Purchase of new installations
  4. Design and development of new research/measure methods
  5. Involvement of IRT-T reactor staff in advanced vocational trainings
  6. Feasibility study of IRT-T reactor experimental channels capabilities for operation of new installations
  7. Design of research programs using new installations
  8. Memorandums and partnership agreements have been signed
  9. English version of internet page of large – scale facility IRT-T reactor is developed
  10. Activities of IRT-T reactor is presented on main media source of TPU