Main Research Results
  1. Theory of condenced substances ignition by local heating souces.
  2. Fundamentals of energy-efficient technology of solid, liquid and gel-like fuels combustion initiation by sources of limited heat content.
  3. Prognostic apparatus for forming deposits on pipes in the gas path of boiler plants.
  4. Foundations of the theory of water-coal fuels ignition in boiler furnaces.
  5. A new approach to the analysis of thermal energy losses during its transportation and distribution in heat supply systems of different assignment objects.
  6. Scientific-based approach to the reliability characteristic analysis of thermal power plants equipment.
  7. Prognostic apparatus for assessing the reliability of the operating of autonomous power sources for remote industrial facilities.
  8. The main elements of the theory of heat and mass transfer and phase transformations during the motion of liquid droplets through high-temperature gases.
  9. High technology of resource-efficient extinguishing of large forest and anthropogenic fires under the influence of dispersed flame retardants.
  10. Foundations of the technology of the energy-efficient thermal cleaning of liquids, solutions, emulsions, and suspensions from impurities.