High-performance processes of metal working

Duration – 4 years

Degree – Bachelor

Entrance requirements – general secondary education

Department: High Technology Physics in Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department: Sergey G. Psakhye, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


  • Interactive class of “Aristein” NC machining workstations (6 workspaces, 2 NC machining workstations: milling machine and a turning lathe), 2 CAD-CAM systems computer classes.
  • Laboratories: mechanical engineering technologies, technical metrology, cutting of materials, cutting tools.
  • Software: SprutCAM, Sprut-TP, SIEMENS NX, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Compas 3D, Vertical, WinNC, FeatureCAM, PowerMILL, ArtCAM.

Major disciplines

  1. CAD-CAM systems
  2. Computer-aided manufacturing technique
  3. Production tooling

Contact information

Korosteleva E. N.
Telephone: 8 (3822) 42-14-80