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    About laboratory     

Russian-Chinese Laboratory for Radiation Control and Inspection was created in partnership with PowerScan Ltd (Beijing, China) according to the University rector order N89/od on 09.09.2014, on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council decision N6 dated 05.30.2014.

17 Febrary 2016 into Russian-Chinese laboratory was included the Laboratory of Technical Tomography and Introscopy which was created in 2010 year by merging departments №10, №84 and laboratory №82 of Scientific Research Institute of Introscopy, whose existed from day of Institute foundation in 1968 year.

  1. Fundamental and applied scientific research in region of radiation control and inspection;
  2. Attraction of financing of fundamental and applied scientific research in radiation control region at the expense of participation in federal, departmental and other grant programs, and also carry out economic contracts with business of real sector of economics;
  3. Presentation of research and design results on special places (conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, scientific and technical councils and so on) with Russian and international scopes;
  4. Publication of laboratory activity results in leading world thematic editions;
  5. Organization of international consortiums to execute works in problem branches;
  6. Execution of study and research works by students, execution graduation qualification tests, research for dissertation, carry out on base of RCSL RCI under leadership of laboratory workers;
  7. Other functions realization intra vires in correspond to purposes and jobs of RCSL RCI of NDT Institute.

Priority Directions of Research

Develoment and production of hardware and software for systems of betatron and digital radiography. The base activity directions of laboratory are: radiational introscopy, radiational albedo control, automation of radiational inspection results, dual-energy method for the high-energy X-ray sources.


Head of Lab.
Chakhlov Sergei Vladimirovich,
Ph.D. Phys.-Math.
Tel.: 8 (3822) 41-78-14