Швалев Юрий Борисович
Кандидат технических наук

Научно-образовательный центр Н.М.Кижнера, Доцент

Тел.: 8 (3822) 60-63-20
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I had graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department with honours in 1981 (speciality – “Chemical technology of solid fuels”). From 1981 to 1983 – Head of the laboratory of the Applied Chemistry Department. In 1983, I entered the full-time postgraduate course (supervisor – prof. Vitjugin V.M.). In 1986, I defended a Ph.D. thesis on the “Improvement of a co-precipitated copper-zinc-aluminum catalyst technology for methanol synthesis”. Since 1987 –master teacher of the Applied Chemistry Department. I have been awarded an associate professor in 1991. I teach academic disciplines “Applied Chemistry” and “Chemical reactors” for students of all chemical specializations of INR, IHTP, IPT and IDE. In scientific terms, I’m expert in field of dispersed materials technology. Developed scientific areas: technology of aluminum hydroxide gel used as a sorbent of the immunobiological preparations; enrichment of iron ore of the Bakchar deposit. Over 30 papers was published on the results of study, three author's certificate was received.
I was awarded a diploma and an anniversary medal “100 years since the opening of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (1900 – 2000)” in 2000, have commendation by Tomsk region Administration for major contribution to the advancement of science and in connection with the 110th anniversary of the university and the 100th anniversary of the first issue of Siberian engineers (2006).
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