Воронина Наталья Алексеевна
Кандидат технических наук

Отделение электроэнергетики и электротехники, Доцент
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Courses taught: • Professional Software (bachelor, 1st year) Lectures – 16 hours, Labs – 32 hours, Face-to-Face Classes – 48 hours, Independent Study – 24 hours, Credits – 2, final test. Objective: to use and apply professional software for electrical engineering problems solving and results analysis • Methods and tools for professional activities (bachelor, 2nd year) Lectures – 16 hours, Labs – 48 hours, Face-to-Face Classes – 64 hours, Independent Study – 44 hours, Credits – 4, final test. Objective: to form of students' basic knowledge and professional skills during software applications development for automation of professional activities in the field of electric power engineering. • Physical bases of electronics (bachelor, 2nd year) Labs assistance • Electronic and microprocessor technology (bachelor, 2nd year) Labs assistance • Computer, network, information technologies (bachelor, 1st year) Lectures – 8 hours, Labs – 40 hours, Face-to-Face Classes – 48 hours, Independent Study – 60 hours, Credits – 3, final test. Objective: to develop students’ design activities: ability to calculate, analyze and design electrical and electronic elements and systems using modern information technologies. • Modern technologies of electrical devices and products design (master, 1st year) Labs assistance
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