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Roman Iegorov was born at 1980 in Luhansk. He graduated from Luhansk Physics and Mathematics Lyceum at 1997 with honors. During the study he took part in a numerous events regarding to extended natural sciences study. He was a winner of some regional Olympiads in Physics, Mathematics and computer sciences.

At 1997 he became a student of Luhansk National Vladimir Dahl University for the Natural Sciences faculty (the specialization is Physics). At 2002 he graduated with honors and defended the qualification thesis ("Numerical investigation of the teta-pinch effect in semi-conductor plasma with presence of the skin-effect", scientific adviser prof. V.N. Gorshkov).

At the November of 2002 Roman become the post-graduate student of the Physical and Technical scientific Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with specialization in Optics and Laser Physics. His investigations were done in the Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The scientific adviser was prof. M.S. Soskin. During the postgraduate studies he have won the President of Ukraine Awards for young scientists. Roman have participated in international research project M76-2005 “Linear and nonlinear singular optics of photoactive molecular media” of the France-Ukrainian collaboration program “Dnipro” (2006-2008). He took part in some international conferences with presentation of his results. During the postgraduate study he has mastered in different techniques of experimental optics like holography, polarimetery, interferometry and different types of microscopy. In parallel he obtain strong experience in mathematical simulations of optical phenomena.
He has defended the PhD thesis at the end of 2007 ("Topological structure of a light fields with polarization singularities") and obtain the PhD degree.

From the 2008 to 2013 Roman was working at the Optical Quantum Electronics department of the Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He took part in implementation of the international project STCU No4687 “Engineering of permanent holographic gratings by vortex and speckle beams in solid and liquid crystals.” (2008–2010). During this project, he has mastered in optics of liquid crystals and some methods of optical metrology of birefringent medium.

During the 2010-2011 he took postdoctoral position at Laboratoire Interdisciplinare Carnot de Bourgogne (Dijon, France) for personal research grant of CNRS.
The area of investigations was optics of photorefractive crystals.

At the begin of 2013 he has won in competition for Marie Curie foundation grant and took the research position at Ultrafast optics and lasers laboratory at the Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. During this period he was the principal investigator of the research project 113F319 "MULTIFAST" (TUBITAK).
At this time he has mastered the experimental techniques related to ultrafast fiber lasers, took part in creation of some femtosecond fiber oscillators and amplifiers. Additionally he obtain certain experience in material processing by ultrashort laser pulses.

From the December of 2015 he took the research position at the Institute of Power Engineering of Tomsk Politechnical University.

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