Кац Марк Давыдович
Кандидат физико-математических наук

Научно-образовательный центр И.Н.Бутакова, Доцент
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01 декабря 2021 / Wednesday / Неделя четная
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Katz M.D. graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute in 1970 with a degree in " Heat and Power Process Automation” . He worked at the Department of Heat and Power Process Automation assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor. The field of scientific specialization: power system, thermal measurement, mathematical modeling. Has 56 scientific and methodical publications, 1 invention, developed 2 manuals. Senior Lecturer in various academic disciplines, "Mathematical foundations of the theory of management", "Management, Certification and Innovation", "Fundamentals of automation of processes of heat and power", "Introduction to the profession"
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