Науменко Геннадий Андреевич
Доктор физико-математических наук

Исследовательская школа физики высокоэнергетических процессов, Ведущий научный сотрудник

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Naumenko Gennadiy Andreyevich (1947 ...)

Education, qualification: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU). A specialist in the field of radiation research in the interaction of the field of relativistic charged particles with matter. In 1972 he graduated from the Tomsk State University (TSU) on a specialty "Physics / Applied Mathematics", with qualification physicist mathematician.

Work experience: 1972 - senior engineer of "High Voltage Research Institute" Tomsk (study of discharges in the rocks, the development of electric pulse method of drilling wells and mines). 1976 - Senior Engineer object "Sirius" Institute of Nuclear Physics at TPU (development of a source of polarized electron injector in synchrotron "Sirius"). 1977 – Head of Department of "Computing Center for collective use" Tomsk (participated in the creation and development of regional shared data center). Since 1984 he has worked at the Tomsk Polytechnic University (since 1991 TPU University). Since 2009 till now - leading researcher Innovation International Scientific-Educational Laboratory "FOTON" Physico-Technical Institute (TPU), Professor, Department of Applied Physics.

Social and professional activities: Member of the Academic Council of the Physico-Technical Institute of the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Research degree, honors, government decoration: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1996). Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (2008). Professor (2015). He was awarded an honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science for his great personal contribution to the development of national science and technology (2007). GA Naumenko was repeatedly leader of grants and research funds of the Ministry of Education and Science to conduct research, participated in international collaborations with England, Germany, China, Japan, to create a diagnostics of relativistic beams of modern colliders and study the interaction of the radiation field of relativistic charged particles with matter.

Areas of research activity: Experimental research of inelastic photoproduction of neutral mesons on light nuclei. The study of radiation in the channeling of relativistic electrons in crystals and amorphous media. Studies of radiation in the interaction of the field of relativistic charged particles with matter. With the participation of GA Naumenko and under his leadership the first time was observed experimentally Landau-Pomeranchuk effect in the emission of relativistic electrons of intermediate energies. Detected experimental multiplicity of radiation effect in channeling electrons. For the first time was held non- invasive measurements of the transverse dimensions of the individual electron bunches of micron ultra-relativistic beams on the basis of diffraction radiation. For the first time experimentally registered and investigated non-equilibrium states of the Coulomb field of relativistic electrons.

Publications: PhD thesis on "Peculiarities of spectral characteristics of the radiation by relativistic electrons in crystals" (1996). Doctoral thesis "Diffraction radiation of relativistic electrons and diagnostics of beams" (2008). Author and coauthor of more than 193 scientific papers. Most part of the publications are in English in peer-reviewed international journals with high impact factor. The index of scientific publications citing: 11 - on Scopus, 12 - on RISC.

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