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The title of the course:Bases of Programming and Algorithmization in Automation

Specialty: 14.05.04 “Electronics and Automation of Nuclear Plants”
Credits: 4.

Format: 144 hours, including 32 lectures, 48 labs, 64 independent work.

    Рart 1. Bases of algorithmization and data structures.

    Рart 2. Programming bases in C language.

    Рart 3. Numerical methods and algorithms.

    Рart 4. The solution of engineering tasks in the MathCad system

    Рart 5. The solution of engineering tasks in Ms Excel.

Laboratory works:
    Lab 1. Windows operating system: user's interface, instruction system.

    Lab 2. Ms Word: interface and general using operations, typing and text formatting, insert of graphic primitives, creation of styles and templates, work with the formulas editor.

    Lab 3. Ms Excel: interface and general using operations, creation tables and charts, data exchange of Ms Excel and Ms Word, processing of experimental data, linear regression.

    Lab 4. FoxPro: user's interface, design of the database.

    Lab 5. FoxPro: Оperations of data selection and data sorting with help of the FOXPRO instructions and the SQL language, preparation of reports.

    Lab 6. Creation of the web site on html.
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