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MOGILNITSKIY SERGEY BORISOVICH PhD in Physics and Mathematics Senior Scientist 1. Birth date: 01 August, 1951 Graduation: 1974 Tomsk State University, Physics Academic Programme Occupation: A/Professor, Physics Department of Institute of Physics and Technology, full-time Secondary job: Director, Innovation Centre for Engineering Education of the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies, part-time Theses: 1987 PhD in Physics and Mathematics 1989 Senor Scientist Positions at TPU: since 1977 till now – Junior Scientist, Senor Scientist, head of laboratory, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Depute First Vice-Rector, Deputy Vice-rector for Strategic Management, Deputy Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Director of center, Head of Information Management and Analysis Department. Foreign languages proficiency: English – reading of specific literature, the ability of speaking in professional community. Membership Russian Association for Engineering Education (RAEE) 2003-2011 Director of RAEE Accreditation Board RAEE Accreditation Board since 2003 till now Awards: Honorary Certificate from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences TPU anniversary medal «Tomsk 400» anniversary medal Honorary Certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia RAEE Medal of Merit to the development of engineering education Silver Medal of Merit to Tomsk Polytechnic University First Degree Medal for TPU development Gellery of Honour of Tomsk Polytechnic University Anniversary Medal «70 years of Tomsk region» 2. Academic disciplines delivered - General Physics (Pt.1 Mechanics and Molecular Physics, pt.2 Electricity and Magnetism, pt.3 Optics and Nuclear Physics). Goals of learning Physics I discipline in the fields of teaching, education and development in accordance with the concentration programme:  The formation of the modern concept of physical phenomena, understanding of natural phenomena as a basis of the stable physical world view, skills in application of the main physical laws in engineering practice, skills in analytical methods and solving physical problems in the professional field. 3. Area of expertise:  Radiation transfer in dispersion media  Higher educational institution management in the contemporary conditions; quality management in education. Research papers: In all, 300 scientific papers are published including teaching aids; 5 author’s certificates including 47 published for the past five years (18 in indexed databases and 4 teaching aids classified by the Academic Methodological Association of the Russian Federation 4. Professional advancement, including past 5 years 2002 – universities and colleges of Arizona (USA); German Academy of Management (program Management System of Higher Educational Institution. Quality management System) 2007 – Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) 2088 – Russian-French colloquium ‘Training elite specialists for advanced industrial branches of the future’ (Paris, France) 2010 - National University of Science and Technology "MISiS" (Moscow); University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Oslo, Bergen 2011 - ACA, Vienna, 2011 2014 – RAEE-ROSNANO Qualifications improvement in Higher educational institution management in the contemporary conditions; quality management in education
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