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Research interests I. Solid State Physics. Main publications:
1.V.V Lasukov.The general theory of the band structure//Phys.Volume35,№3.Pp. 711-723.( 1993). Abstract work : A new method for calculating the band structure within which it is possible to calculate the band structure in an analytical form . The method has the advantages of a general method in the sense of mathematical unity with other known methods of band structure calculation .
2.V.V.Lasukov, Yu.L. Pivovarov, O.G. Kostoreva.// Phys.stat.sol. (B). V.109. P.761. ( 1982). 3.V.V. Lasukov,S.A.Vorobiev.//Phys.Lett.(A). V.99. P.399. ( 1983). Abstract works: On the basis of this method is studied , the band structure of the cross spectrum of a relativistic electron channeling in a single crystal , thus theoretically predict the effect of transparency , which is an analogue of the Ramsauer effect - particle quantum-mechanical effect of the passage of the potential well .
II. Quantum electrodynamics . Main publications:
1.V.V Lasukov . Quantum features of Cerenkov radiation / / Zh . T.88 , Issue 3. S.728 -732 ( 1985). 2.V.V. Lasukov, S.A. Vorobiev. / / Phys.Lett. (A). V.106. P.179. ( 1984). Abstract works: Theoretically found to depend on the intensity of Cerenkov radiation from the direction of entry of the particle into a single crystal , as well as its rest mass . Manifestation of the wave properties of particles in the radiation due to quantum-mechanical effect of the passage of particles above a potential well formed by the atomic planes monokristalla.Issledovano neutrino emission of relativistic supercritical quasiatom formed relativistic electron channeling in a single crystal .
3.VV Lasukov , SA Sparrows. Electromagnetic effects in the intense field of single crystals / / Zh . V.86 , no.1 . Pp.94 -99 ( 1984). 4.V.V Lasukov . Photoproduction pairs in extreme conditions / / NF . V.47 . Issue 5. Pp. 1221-1225 (1988). Abstract works: It is shown that the process of electron-positron pairs in a single crystal is fundamental to verify the conclusions of quantum electrodynamics on the behavior of quantum objects in an intense external field. It is shown that an analogue of this process is the effect of the Klein- particle effect of vacuum intense external field .
III. Classical Electrodynamics . Main publications:
1.Sh.R. Mastov,V.V Lasukov // Math. USSR Academy of Sciences . Fiz. Number 6. P.38 -48 ( 1989). 2.V.V Lasukov // Math. USSR Academy of Sciences . Fiz. Number 7. P.81 ( 1993). 3.V.V Lasukov , Sh.R. MAST // Zh. T. 58. Number 5 . S.946 ( 1988). 4.V.F. Gordeev,V.V. Lasukov // R. Phys.J. V.44. № 7.P.771 ( 2001). 5.V.V. Lasukov // R. Phys.J. V.43. № 2.P.143 ( 2000). Abstract works: A theoretical model for the generation of an electromagnetic signal in the brittle fracture . The concept of active emitters and concept propagation conditions theoretically investigated ozone , aerosol and percolation mechanisms , alopecia model and the surface emitters of electromagnetic earthquake precursor .
IV. Quantum geometrodynamics . Main publications:
1.V.V.Lasukov. A theory of space vacuum / / R. Phys.J. V.48. № 1.P.25 ( 2005). 2. V.V. Lasukov. The problem of time in quantum cosmology / / R. Phys.J. V.47. № 1.P.31 ( 2004). Abstract works: According to Wheeler cosmological singularity problem is similar to one problem of the collapse of the atom, which was solved in due time by its Bohr quantization. Contrary to this assertion in the annotated time problem is solved in the framework of the classical theory and found that the problem of time is connected with the problems of the cosmological singularity and the cosmological constant . Joining time sverhprostranstvu allowed to construct a quantum geometrodynamics discrete and continuous energy spectrum , which is impossible in traditional geometrodynamics without time , since it is zero Hamiltonian . Quantum geometrodynamics in which there is time constraints generated by Logunov , is a productive one for quantum cosmology , allowing to explore the process of birth of the observable matter of the universe as a result of the collapse of the quantum process pervoatoma Lemaitre . Based on the idea of periodicity in the framework of quantum geometrodynamics with continuous spectrum calculated the observed density of dark energy.
3. V.V. Lasukov. An atomic model of the early universe / / R. Phys.J. V.46. Number 4 . P.1 ( 2003). 4. V.V. Lasukov. Production of the matter in the early Universe / / R. Phys.J. V. 46. Number 9. P.903 ( 2003). 5.V.V. Lasukov. Quantum origin of the early Universe / / R. Phys.J. V. 45 . Number 2 . P.528 ( 2002). 6.V.V. Lasukov. Radiation of the Lemaitre privordial atom / / R. Phys.J. V. 51. Number 8. P.815 ( 2008 ) . Abstract works: It is shown that the space-time region, immersed in a uniform scalar field with negative potential energy density of the self- in - time sverhprostranstve similar pervoatomu Lemaitre . Pervoatom Lemaitre able to permanently produce the observed mass of the universe by the mechanism of spontaneous emission. Quantum charge generated in the tunneling process Planck particle sverhprostranstve . This process of birth ordinary matter in the universe can serve as a regular atomic model of a large explosion. Due to the effect of the relaxation process of the birth of ordinary matter is irreversible under the operation of time reversal , which leads to the existence of the arrow of time and explains the difference between the beginning and end of the evolution of ordinary matter of the Universe. Breakup pervoatoma Lemaitre with the effect of relaxation is an example of an objective reduction Penrose . Within the framework of supersymmetric quantum Hamiltonian with nonzero geometrodynamics solved the problem of fractional spin. Thus , without the use of the geometric features of a topological nature ( handles) is implemented on the basis of geometrodynamic proclaimed J. Wheeler building program " mass without mass ", " charge without charge", " spin without spin " Einstein posed and solved the problem of determining the inertial mass through curvature ( effective approach Logunov ) Riemannian space-time , revived in the form of Mach's principle : no vacuumlike environment - no inertial mass .
7.V.V. Lasukov.Dark matter and dark energy of the Universe// R. Phys.J. V.49. Number 4.P.1 ( 2006). Abstract work : Theoretically proved the possibility of the existence of the universe spheres filled with a homogeneous constant scalar field , which can act as a "dark matter" and may be responsible for the observed behavior of a non-decreasing rotation curves galaktik.V depending on the value of the scalar field potential component of such areas may be located in the center stars , and may include stars, galaxies , clusters of galaxies and the observed universe as a whole , forming a halo of galactic systems and creating a hierarchy of scales. This means that the "dark matter" and "dark energy" is not due to the quantized scalar field is classical vacuum- have a single physical nature , and the difference between them is determined by the potential energy of the vacuum-like scalar field.