Харламов Сергей Николаевич
Доктор физико-математических наук

Отделение нефтегазового дела, Профессор
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Sergey Kharlamov was born in Tomsk in 1957. He has graduated Tomsk comprehensive school (№45) and has entered at Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty (MMF) of Tomsk State University (TSU) in 1974. Further he has graduated Tomsk state university (1979) on a speciality of "Mechanics" with qualification of "mechanics". In that year he has been left at the Theoretical mechanics department of MMF TSU. Also Kharlamov Sergey has successfully finished Philosophical faculty at TSU in 1981. In 1986 he has entered in postgraduate study at the Theoretical mechanics department (ТМD) of the MMF TSU and has prepared PhD thesis. In 1989 Sergey Kharlamov has successfully protected the candidate thesis on a theme “Heat transfer and a friction at turbulent flow of gases in channels” (physical and mathematical sciences, speciality: 01.02.05 - mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma). During the period with 1979 on 2013 Sergey Kharlamov worked on the Theoretical Mechanics Department of MMF TSU in posts: the senior teacher (1988-1990), the senior lecturer (1991 - 2001), the professor (2002 - 2014). Also Sergey Kharlamov is the professor of the Petroluem and Gas Transportation&Storage Department (PGTSD) of Natural Resources Institute (NRI) of National Resources Tomsk polytechnic university (NR TPU) [post: the professor, external part-time employee (2004-2013); the regular professor - (2014 - on the present)]. Also at Tomsk State University Sergey Kharlamov worked as the deputy of dean of MMF TSU on older courses students (1989 - 1994). He was trained in internal doctoral study at the TMD of MMF TSU (1993-1996). After the ending of doctoral study he has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme “Mathematical models of not isothermal turbulent flows in channels” (physical and mathematical sciences, speciality: 01.02.05 - mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma) in 2001 in the academic council at TSU. In the present time professor Sergey Kharlamov is the full member of the Russian academy of natural sciences (the West Siberian branch, “Petroleum and Gas” section). During the different periods of work at TSU prof. Sergey Kharlamov read courses: Theoretical mechanics and hydrodynamics; Stability theory and fluid flow control; Mathematical modelling and automation of complex technological processes and systems; Mechanics of turbulent media; Resistance and heat transfer in internal streams; Swirled flows at mass force fields; Analytical and numerical methods of heat-and mass transfer in shear flows. In the present time prof. Sergey Kharlamov leads lecture, practical and laboratory lessons and researches at the PGТS Department of the NRI NR TPU on the following disciplines: “Mechanics of multiphase media and mathematical modelling of pipeline transport processes, Algorithms at modelling of hydrodynamic processes, Fundamentals of petroleum dispersed systems, Fundamentals of Hydraulics and so on. Also he is supervisor of scientific work of post-graduate students and masters on the PGTSD of NRI of NR TPU, foreign students (Ecole Polythecqnic. Paris, France; University of Florence, Italy) on problems of mathematical modelling of hydro- and gas dynamics and heat- and mass transfer in internal systems (channels, pipelines, speciality: 01.02.05 - mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma, 01.02.06 - dynamics and durability of machines; 05.17.08 - processes and devices of che Prof. Sergey Kharlamov is the head the international scientifically-academic laboratory ”Petroleum and Gas Fluid flow dynamics and Heat – and mass transfer”. mical technologies) at the PGTSD of NRI of NR TPU. His general work experience on a speciality is 37 years. He is authors and co-authors more 195 papers which are published in domestic and a foreign press, 5 extensive monographies and 5 manuals (some monographies are awarded by TSU prizes on Mathematics&Mechanics section, as the best scientific publications (1993, 2001)). Results of scientific and academic activities at NR TSU and NR TPU are awarded by a medal “For merits before Tomsk state university”, the Certificate of honour of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and other numerous diplomas (from Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Kanev, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and so on). His scientific interests are numerical mathematics and hydro-and gas dynamics, mechanics of multicomponent media, theories of the equations of mathematical physics and turbulence, heat and mass transfer and physical chemistry.
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