Бондалетова Людмила Ивановна
Кандидат химических наук

Отделение химической инженерии, Доцент

Тел.: 8 (3822) 60-61-21
Вн. телефон: 1456
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Date of birth: 23 July 1956

The birthplace: Tomsk

Education: the highest. I graduated from the Tomsk polytechnical institute in «Chemical technology of plastics»

The thesis: In 1983 I was defended the dissertation on competition of an academic degree of Candidate of Chemistry in the specialty 02.00.06 - High-molecular compound

Amount of employment:In 1978 I graduated from Chemical Technological Department of Tomsk Polytechnical Institute (TPI) in "Chemical technology of plastics", in 1982 – postgraduate study of TPI under the leadership of E.E. Sirotkina prof. In 1983 I defended the master's thesis. In 1982 - 1997 I worked at Institute of Petroleum Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the RAS consistently junior researcher, research associate, senior research associate. In 1997 I was transferred to Tomsk Polytechnical University. 1997 – 1998 – senior research associate, «Ecology» research laboratory. In 1998 I was elect to a position of the assistant, in 1999 – to the position of the associate professor. 1999 – present – associate professor

The family: I is married, I have two children

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