Богданов Евгений Петрович
Кандидат технических наук

Отделение электроэнергетики и электротехники, Доцент

Вн. телефон: 3415
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Eugene P. Bogdanov PhD, Associate Professor Department of Electrotechnical Complexes and Materials Eugene P. Bogdanov was born in Tomsk (USSR) in September, 13, 1960. He is graduated the secondary school in Tomsk in 1977. In the same year he entered to the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute (TPI) at the Faculty of Automation and Electromechanics. He is graduated from TPI in 1982 with a specialty "electrical machines". Qualification is "electrical engineer". Assigned to the department "Electrical machines and devises" of the Faculty of Automation and Electromechanics TPI. He worked at the department in the following positions: Engineer (1982 – 1983); Junior Researcher (1983 – 1986); Postgraduate (1987 – 1990): Research Engineer (1990 – 1992): PhD (1992); Engineer (1992 – 1995): Assistant (1995 – 1997): Associate Professor (1997 – present). Author of more than 90 scientific and methodical works. Two articles in journals from the list of Scopus are published in 2014. Raising the level of one's skill in 2000 and 2006 studied at the Tomsk Polytechnic University with a specialty "English"; 2010 - "Electronic educational editions: the creation and using in the classroom" (Tomsk Polytechnic University); 2014 - probation period "Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices and electrical materials" (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia). Eugene P. Bogdanov has the title "Veteran of Labour". He was awarded honorary certificates of TPU. He is married and has one daughter.
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