Learn English online     

Learn English online

Learn English
Free professionally made resource for learning English online created by the British Council. Daily updated site presents materials divided into levels, grammar articles, songs, texts, tests, games, chats with an English teachers and much more. There are special sections for kids (8-12 y.o.) and a Professionals zone for working people who need English for business and other professional purposes (like Military Zone or Football English).

BBC Learning English
Learn English online with BCC through communication, news, work, music and sport. Weekly updated website with free online courses for listening/writing/reading skills practice, chats, communities and quizzes.

BBC Russian
Learn English with BBC Russian service through audio/video materials.

Free English
A selection of well-animated cartoon games, together with crosswords and scrambling exercises, at various levels.

Learn English online
This learn English site includes sections on definitions, English language terms and offers articles advice from people who have learned English successfully.

Comenious Idioms
Listen and leam idioms online.

Very wide collection of tests, games and quizzes from all over the Web. Divided into categories: animals, sports etc. This page also has links to quiz generators and puzzle makers for users to create their own.