Government and Politics     

Government and Politics

Cabinet Office
Links to the Government Information Service and other governmental departments.

Department of Trade and Industry
Details on the activities and responsibilities of the DTO; other facilities and services.

FCO On-line
For latest news and keynote speeches relating to UK Government foreign policy, overseas relations and foreign affairs. Updated several times daily. Also includes information on key foreign policy themes, special events in the UK, consular and visa services, commercial work overseas; a link to the reference library offering an extensive reference collection of information.

Government Information Service
A site providing links to a range of information on UK national and local government. The 'What's New' site is updated daily with latest happenings in Government. An organisational index providing links to relevant government organisations including local city councils; a functional index providing access to information on Acts of parliament, Citizen's Charters, conferences etc.

Houses of Parliament
The site for current information about the UK parliament, the House of Lords and House of Commons. Provides a link to the House of Commons, Select Committees and Parliamentary office of Science and Technology. Links to the parliamentary bookshop and the searchable parliamentary publications database: Order papers, Hansard House of Commons debates, selected Public Bills, some Select Committee reports and others.

Number 10 Downing Street
Offers a virtual tour of No 10 Downing Street. Lists Cabinet Minister's names and titles. Is the home for the Queen's speech and Prime Minister's biographies. Links to other UK Government departments.

Political Science Resources
A gateway to significant resources to UK political science. Contents include information about Governments, elections and electoral systems, British politics, information sources such as journals, magazines and newspapers.

UK Politics
A web site providing links to those main sites related to British politics: political parties, local councils, Government departments and much more. Also provides a link to 'Books about British polities' which includes short reviews about the books.

British Monarchy
The official web site of the monarchy in Britain. Covers the monarchy's role today; the monarchy through the ages; the Royal Family and their biographies. Lists press releases issued by Buckingham Palace along with links to other governmental press notices. Provides tourist information on the Royal Palaces and the Royal Collection.

British Royal Family
The unofficial web site for news on the Royal Family. Lists successions, birthdays and anniversaries, the Queen's Christmas speech.

The Stationery Office
Lists official documents available from The Stationery Office: Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments, Bills, Command papers, Hansard etc; publications in full; how to obtain publications.

Acts of Parliament
Full text of all Public General Acts passed by the UK Parliament since 1988 and Local Acts since 1991 are available on this website. HMSO makes the best effort to publish all new Acts of the UK Parliament simultaneously with or, at least within 24 hours of their publication in printed form.

Statutory Instruments
With effect from the first printed Statutory Instrument of 1987, the full text of all published Statutory Instruments is available on the Internet via these Web Pages.

Freedom of Information and Open Government
This website contains publications on the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000 and on the stages which preceded it, papers dealing with issues in freedom of information policy in response to specific events; Open Government codes of practice introduced by the Conservative government in 1994 & 1995 and other publications.

UK Local Government
Provides information on local government and how it works. Created as part of the local Government Management Board to develop guidance and best practice in local government.

Home Office
The Home Office is the Government Department responsible for internal affairs in England and Wales. Principal aims are to secure individuals' rights and freedoms under the law and to provide for the protection and security of the public. The Home Office deals with criminal justice, prisons, police, fire service, emergency planning, constitutional matters. Includes information on functions, Ministers, directorates, and agencies.