Фадеева Вера Николаевна
Кандидат философских наук

Отделение социально-гуманитарных наук, Доцент

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During the course of Philosophy the following aspects are studied: o the basic problems of philosophy; o the various forms of philosophy: mythological, religious, philosophical, scientific o the main stages of the development of philosophical thought in its relation to science, religion, art, world-epoch; the basic laws of social development; o the problems of personality and meaning of human life; o the issues related to the principles and boundaries of knowledge Special attention is paid to: 1) development: o of the ability to use the fundamental principles and techniques of social, humanitarian and economic sciences in salvation of social and professional problems, of the ability to understand and analyze ideological, social and personal significant philosophical problems; o of special procedure, logical order, validity, coherence and commitment of thoughts 2) formation: o of readiness to accept the moral obligation in relation to the natural environment, to society, to other people and to himself; o of orientation to understand the semantic field of universal values 3) understanding: o of humanistic values for the preservation and development of modern civilization; o ofvalue-semantic orientations of different social, national, religious, professional communities and groups in Russian society. The knowledge gained during the course will help to: o to join the historical experience of global philosophical thought; o to create a clear image about modern philosophical culture; o to acquire the skills of self-analytical thinking, justification of personal opinions on issues of our time; o to apply the principles of rational philosophical approach to processes and tendencies of modern information society; o to understand the importance of the formation and development of inner spiritual world; o to update the interest to fundamental and theoretical knowledge; o to stimulate the need for philosophical reflection of history and reality. The main results of the study: 1. to understand and analyze ideological, social and personal important philosophical problems. 2. to apply philosophical categories and principles in the course of professional activities. 3. to take into account the value of science, art and culture in the formation of an integral ideology and civic position.
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