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Антонова Ирина Сергеевна
Кандидат экономических наук

Школа инженерного предпринимательства, Доцент

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15 октября 2019 / Tuesday / Неделя нечетная
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Irine Antonova, PhD

Primary position: Associate Professor

Current position

Irine Antonova is an Associate professor of the Department of Management within the Institute of Humanities, Social Science and Technologies.

Career history

Irine Antonova graduated in 2007 with qualification of specialist (Diploma with Hons) in the field of Finance and Credit from Kemerovo State University.

She came to Tomsk in 2008 to carry out a PhD project focusing on the company town diversification problems. Irine Antonova went on to complete a post-doctoral project which considered investment attractiveness of company town diversification projects that was successfully defended in 2011. A particular area of interest of hers is investment attractiveness of financial and real projects on the basis of portfolio theory.

The research field allowed developing the considerable number of courses including Investment Management, Corporate Management, Securities, Business Planning, Labour Economics, Organization and Work Measurement, Economic Evaluation of Investments, Real Estate Economy. Most of the courses are delivered in English due to the additional qualification of specialist (Hons) in the field of English Philology in 2008 from Kemerovo State University. All these allow winning the University Contest among young teachers in 2011. Educational Video Course entitled "Economic Evaluation of Investments" was awarded the Golden Medal at the International Exhibition "Education. Career. Employment", the Contest "Siberian Athens" in 2012.

Currently she works fulltime as Associate Professor, delivers lectures and seminars, and supervises students’ research work with students taking Laureate places at international students’ competitions in science and education.