Всероссийский научно-методологический семинар «Профессиональная подготовка студентов технического вуза на иностранном языке: теория и практика»

Томский политехнический университет

Россия, Томск,
26-28 апреля 2018

Поиск по порталу:

Dear colleagues,

All-Russian scientific seminar with international collaborations “Exploring Models of Key Pedagogical Competences for Research and Teaching Staff within the Context of University Internationalisation” will take place on TPU premises on 26-28 April 2018 in Tomsk, Russia.

You are welcome to submit your university best practices in EMI, university curricula internationalisation, educational technologies and teaching in multicultural groups of learners. Join us as a participant during educational visits to the university divisions.

Please follow the link to register

Scientific fields:

  • Polycultural research and academic environment for modern university internationalisation
  • Foreign languages training provision for staff and students
  • E-learning environment for developing professional competences of future engineers
  • Active educational technologies for independent learning
  • Sociocultural and linguistic adaptation of international students in universities around the world

Looking forward to meeting you in Tomsk in 2018!

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