Heat Mass Transfer
Simulation Lab History
Heat Mass Transfer Simulation Lab (HMTSLab) has been established in Tomsk, Russia since 2012 upon a decision of the Academic Council of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU). The main tasks of HMTSLab are to provide preparation and defence of PhD and doctoral theses, to publish research results in top-rated journals, to find financial resources to purchase research equipment, to raise extra-budgetary funds to represent TPU at the highest level, i.e. to take part in contests from the Government and the President of the Russian Federation to win prizes and grants, etc. Pavel A. Strizhak and Olga V. Vysokomornaya have been the original members of the future laboratory. In 2012, Dmitriy O. Glushkov, Arkadiy V. Zaharevich, and Roman S. Volkov have become the HMTSLab members. In 2014-2017, the team of HMTSLab has increased by six members and five postgraduate students. At this time, HMTSLab includes ten members and annually expands the number of postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate students. The research interests of the HMTSLab members have considerably enlarged from the moment of establishment and now include the following: fire extinguishing, high-temperature purification of liquids, fuel ignition, development of new fuels from waste, soil thawing, contactless measurement methods, etc.
We give lectures on:
  • Automatic regulation of thermal and steam raising plants
  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Programming of microprocessor-based controllers
  • Logical control and safeguards
  • Theory of automatic control
  • Numerical simulation of physical and chemical processes
  • Mathematical modeling of thermal power facilities
  • Experimental studies of heat and mass transfer and gas dynamic processes
We have the following study guides:
  • Glushkov D.O., Strizhak P.A. Microprocessor controllers and controls. Tutorial. TPU Publishing House. 2013 144 p.
  • Glushkov D.O., Zakharevich Yu.S., Strizhak P.A. Microprocessor controllers. Part 1. Programming the PLC. TPU Publishing House, Tomsk, 2015. 159 p.
  • Glushkov D.O., Strizhak P.A. Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer processes with phase transformations and chemical reaction in heat power engineering. Tutorial. Publishing house STT, Tomsk, 2017. 152 p.
  • Glushkov D.O., Strizhak P.A. Mathematical modeling of thermophysical processes in solving engineering problems. Tutorial. Alkom Publishing House, Tomsk, 2017. 208 p.
  • Atroshenko Yu.K., Volkov RS, Strizhak P.A. Application of panoramic optical methods for recording thermophysical parameters. Tutorial. Izd-vo SPB Graphics, Tomsk, 2017. 123 p.
  • Volkov R.S., Glushkov D.O., Strizhak P.A. Software and hardware complexes for experimental research of physical and chemical processes. Tutorial. Alkom Publishing House, Tomsk, 2017. 250 p.
  • Zakharevich Yu.S., Rudenko O.M., Strizhak P.A. Configuring and programming of microprocessor controllers. Tutorial. Alkom Publishing House, Tomsk, 2017. 106 p.
  • Atroshenko Yu.K., Strizhak P.A. Measurement of heat energy parameters. Tutorial. Alkom Publishing House, Tomsk, 2017. 163 p.