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    Language Laboratory     

Language laboratory – is a special study room equipped with technical facilities for both individual and group work when mastering foreign language skills.

SANAKO Study 1200 software installed in the Centre’s language laboratory provides staff members and users with the opportunities:
  • to organize and supervise learners’ self-study work (monitoring and scanning leraners’ screens, bringing a teacher into a dialogue with a student in a real-time mode);
  • to form several groups simultaneously;
  • to save teaching materials at a teacher’s or student’s desktop;
  • to record and playback student’s speech;
  • to read out texts, watch videos and listen to audio records.

English and Russian language training programmes are installed in the language laboratory.
Programmes viewing is available only for users of corporate network of TPU.

Number of seats available: 13 (for students) and 1 (for a teacher).

User manual for SANAKO Study 1200