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What is computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics is a rather new development in applied linguistics using mathematical methods (algorithms, models) and computerized tools (programs, computer databases) to create formal language models and process natural languages. Generally, computational linguistics can be regarded as the whole scientific and engineering sphere where advances in modern linguistics and digital techniques are used.

At present only a number of Russian higher educational institutions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk offer academic programmes in computational linguistics. It’s the first time this progamme has been introduced in Tomsk.

Where are specialists in computer linguistics demanded?

Graduates of the programme can work in companies developing linguistic software (programs for speech recognition, text processing, machine translation), participate in creating electronic dictionaries, reference books, encyclopaedias, websites. PROMT, ABBYY, Yandex are major companies in the field of computer linguistics.

Who is the programme intended for?

The programme is mainly intended for students and graduates of linguistic specialities (linguist-translators, philologists, teachers of Russian and foreign languages, foreign affairs experts), but can be useful for graduates in engineering sphere.
Course duration: 1, 5 years (320 academic hours), 3 terms.
Course schedule: once a week, 18.00 – 21.00 (4 academic hours).
Tuition fee: 30 000 RUB (stage payment is possible). TPU staff members have a tuition discount.
Document upon the course completion: Diploma of professional retraining

Contact  information: 
Oleg A.Alexandrov, course director, тел.:+79138037942
Sofia A. Skripchenko, course manager, тел.: (3822) 606-459

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