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    Language for Mobility on Moodle     

Dear teachers and listeners of the “Language for Mobility” program!

We suggest you to use possibility of work in the electronic “Moodle” environment within training according to the “Language for Mobility” program (English).

Materials are developed by teachers according to the working program of the course for the purpose of improvement of knowledge of English at the level of B1/B2 by means of independent work, both in classroom, and in out-of-class time.

The course provides additional independent preparation of listeners for the test of the FCE format, and also, can be used as the main preparation in case of the listener’s absence from class(-es).

Features of a course:

  • includes all modules of the program;
  • it is subdivided into grammatical and lexical part;
  • covers all aspects of language;
  • it is accompanied authentic video both audio materials and video lessons.

To start work you need to follow the link (B1 level) or the link (B2 level). The code word to you will be told by your teacher.

All questions you can address to coordinator:

  • Potovskaya Tatyana (Usov St. 4а, building 19, room 412, ph.: 606-459)